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Microcredit: As a development tool, it is based on empowering people by facilitating access to a source of capital so that they can improve their economic capacities. They achieve microcredit revolution has been to demonstrate that people living in poverty are reliable, that if they are given a loan they would be able to multiply in order to have sustainability to support their families. Vision We believe that microcredits are an effective means to generate social development and combat urban and rural poverty. Mission Strengthen the development of small businesses in our communities, located in the most vulnerable areas so that families have access and equal opportunities to support their families, injecting working capital through small loans (microcredits). Goals Provide access to financial capital to people who do not have the opportunity to obtain it otherwise. Provide opportunities for growth and success to people who wish to receive income through microcredits, in this way we help improve their quality of life by producing their own economic resources. Increase the economic power of the beneficiaries, reduce exclusion, favor emancipation (particularly of women), and finally reduce vulnerability to economic shocks. That in 5 years 65% of the family can support themselves through their own business.   [gallery link="none" ids="36753,36754,36755"]